An art installation for your business

An art installation for your business

An art installation doesn’t have to be relegated to a gallery, a home, or an outside space. Here at Jo Downs Handmade Glass we have seen first hand how installations, that have been commissioned for businesses across the world, have had an impact on their working space. It should go without saying that as we spend the majority of our lives at work, it should be a place that inspires, motivates and encourages creativity.
The addition of an art installation can enhance any space you choose. We are on hand to arrange an initial consultation to discuss size, pattern, shape, colour and texture. We also work alongside interior designers, and architects, to ensure this art installation fits seamlessly into your work environment, whether it's a new build or a chance to liven up an old space.

The Process

We understand that each project is utterly unique to that of anything that has come before it. That is why we pride ourselves on our close working relationships with our clients, from start to finish. Our bespoke design service begins with you, so once we have completed that initial consultation, we will dive straight into a site visit. This is followed by a presentation of our design ideas, complete with samples.

Our dedicated project manager will continue to update you on the installation progress, right through to the end. Jo and our skilled team hand-make every single piece of glass right here in Cornwall!
For Jo, making large scale pieces has always been her passion. “Fused-glass is a medium which enhances light and colour, so the bigger the piece the more spectacular the results. The thrill I get creating a one-off piece for my galleries is just the same, but it’s amplified on larger projects. It’s also incredibly rewarding - because the emotional investment the client makes in commissioning the piece means the results really matter. I love the challenge of exceeding my client’s expectations and getting it absolutely right.”

Case Studies

Here at Jo Downs, we have worked on several large scale projects for clients across the world. In Cornwall, we created an art installation for a historically renowned hotel, Housel Bay, located on the Lizard. This 1894 slice of Cornish history required large scale wall art for their newly refurbished restaurant. Our team understood the brief, and designed a shoaling fish wall art for several rooms, leaving the space bright, colourful and infused with the sea that lay just beyond the doors. You can see the final product here.

Just across the river, in Dartmouth, we were commissioned to create a stylish external glass installation to sit alongside the newly refurbished private pool. This was to be enjoyed by the guests staying at this luxury Bed and Breakfast, the one and only Kaywana Hall. The house sits in its own 12 acres of woodland, and is a peaceful oasis away from the bustle of Dartmouth and the river. Built in 1962 it was one of only four Devon “butterfly houses” with its distinctive butterfly-shaped roof. This remarkable art installation can be found here.

Another favourite of ours is the installation for the Carnival Cruise Mardi Gras Liner. “The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line®”. This brief required Jo and the team to enhance the ambience and atmosphere of the stylish Rudi’s Seagrill Restaurant onboard this remarkable ship. Exploiting the flowing forms of Jo’s iconic hand cut and coloured shoaling fish, multiple curved and meandering displays were created. To complement this wall art, a duo of arched feature lit glass columns were designed to echo the movement and colours of the Caribbean Sea. You can see images here.

If these case studies above weren’t inspiring enough, this one of Jo’s most spectacular structural installations to date. P&O Cruiseliners commissioned Jo and the team to create a stunning backlit feature ceiling above the Acadia’s central stairwell. This required Jo to design and make a multi-piece glass installation spanning a total of 11 metres. This incredible feature was designed to reflect the vivid beauty of the world’s oceans, whilst also mirroring Arcadia's richly textured, luxury interior. To be seen here.

Get In Touch

Here at Jo Downs Handmade Glass we pride ourselves on our ability to design and craft something truly inspiring, something one of a kind. An art installation that you can look upon with pride and with wonder, just like your guests, employees and coworkers will. If it is not evident from above, installing such a feature into your place of work not only symbolises the attention to detail that your business has, but that you care about the space in which you spend a large portion of your time. It should be beautiful, it should be relaxing, it should be somewhere remarkable where people can do their best work.

It can be tricky to know where to even begin! But that is where we come in. By getting in touch with our team today, via our contact page, we can get you started in the right direction. Chat with a member of our team, highlight your initial ideas, or arrange for us to meet you on-site so we can explore this space with you. We look forward to working with you on your next art installation.

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