Shoaling Fish

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Enjoy having a part of the ocean within your home interiors with Jo's iconic Shoaling Fish Installations. Choose either a bespoke Artisan design or one of our classic shapes in various different colourways such as Aqua, Marine, Gwithian, Sea Pink or Indian Summer.

Shoaling Fish by shape

Minnow Shoal
Minnow Swirl
Mini Shoal
Pacific Shoal
Reef Shoal
Atlantic Shoal
Ocean Shoal
Single Minnow Fish
Single Fish

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Colour Aqua

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Inspiration & bespoke design

Statement installations

We can create stunning large scale installations with individual shoaling fish up to 1m in length.

creativity with colour

Our beautiful colourways can be complemented with bespoke hues to blend with your interior.

inspiring design

Create movement and draw the eye with layouts designed for specifically your space.

Shoaling fish by Jo Downs

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