Cornwall Studios


CORNWALL STUDIOS run by Jacquie O'Neill
Inspired by emotions, I’m ultimately trying to capture those feelings on paper, the essence of an experience, be that riding a wave or a cold water swim under a crescent moon! The ocean pulls me the strongest, but a babbling brook or a tranquil lake half way up a mountain can elicit a beautiful response too! If I can successfully translate that feeling into a visual format, then hopefully a seconds glance at the image can transport you to that moment in a similar way that a smell can. 
Born through the first Lockdown in 2020 when I found myself looking for ways to express the emotions that I was experiencing from not being able to spend time in the ocean, Cornwall Studios became the perfect opportunity to try new mediums and subjects. Having been a freelance commercial illustrator for the last 20 years, I was predominantly a digital artist, but when I picked up a paint brush again, something cracked open and spilled out - rediscovering paint, pencils, paper and canvas re-awoke that love of getting messy in the medium, and creating art just for the feeling it ignites within!